My Next Top Ten Bucket List of Trips

Lion in Field

In my life of travel I have visited the most incredible places across the globe, but it was not until I was asked to compile my Top Ten Bucket List of Trips (#TTCTopTen) that I realized I still have many more miles to travel!

I have always enjoyed the concept of a Bucket List. Now that our global team is beginning to post their Top Ten lists it provided a wonderful opportunity for me to update mine and begin to look forward to the next ten incredible places that I plan to travel to. With over 60 countries that our 30 award winning brands take our guests to every year I had a lot to choose from!

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Attending the Launch of the Uniworld S.S. Maria Theresa

I recently attended the launch of the masterpiece ‘S.S. Maria Theresa’. The Godmother of the ship is Princess Anita von Hohenberg, a direct descendant of Maria Theresa and the Great-granddaughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Maria Theresa was the inspiration for the decoration of the ship, which is designed to feel like a Baroque castle and includes the painting of the ship’s namesake shown in the photo above. The Princess gave a wonderful speech and the Dom Perignon used to christen the ship broke on the 2nd attempt. I hope this is lucky!

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Selling South African Headlines, Regardless Of Ethics

Selling South African Headlines, Regardless Of Ethics

I was shocked, angry and deeply disappointed to read in the 22 February 2015 edition of a South African Sunday newspaper that attempted, utterly untruthfully, and irresponsibly, to link me and the rest of my family with the on going HSBC scandal. This is journalistic malpractice; there is no other way to describe it.

It is perhaps easier to start with the elements of the story which are true.  I am indeed 84 years old and my daughter, Vicki, does have a bank account in Geneva with HSBC.  That, sadly, is where the accuracy of the article stops.

A complete absence of fact has allowed for a gratuitous attack on a family whose financial and emotional commitment to the country of their birth is, I would suggest, second to none.

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Recollections of a Lucky Man

 Recollections of a Lucky ManRecollections of a Lucky Man

At an age at which most men retire, Stanley Tollman was able to look back on a remarkable life and an outstanding career in business. From humble beginnings in a small fishing village in the Western Cape, he had gone on to build a business empire spanning five continents. That journey had been exciting, and not without challenge. But nothing had prepared him for the test which he was about to face. For Stanley Tollman had attracted the attention of the United States Department of Justice and, in particular, of a New York Assistant US Attorney. Not only did he take on and fight the United States but, remarkably, he won. This book is the story of Stanley Tollman’s life, and of that extraordinary battle. William Tomicki, Editor and Publisher of Entrée magazine writes: “I am loving the story of Stanley’s life…only he could write so bravely…and what emerges is a loving son and brother, a loving husband and father, a dynamic risk taker and smart businessman and a true friend who trusts. To say nothing of a fashion plate and a gourmet. And a man who realizes he married the only woman in the world who was perfect.”

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