Stanley Tollman is the Founder and former Chairman of The Travel Corporation (TTC), one of the world’s most recognised and respected, integrated travel businesses and portfolio of award-winning brands. In 2020 TTC celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

Globally admired for his visionary leadership, innovative approach to travel experience development, understanding of excellence in hospitality, and commitment to employees, Tollman is the pioneer and compass of TTC’s global success and impact which today stretches across 40 award-winning brands including Trafalgar, Contiki, Insight, Cullinan, Uniworld River Cruises, Red Carnation Hotels, and others, along with Bouchard Finlayson Vineyards. Collectively, TTC’s portfolio operates in over 70 countries worldwide, carrying over 2 million travellers in 2019.

To this day, TTC’s objective remains consistent with Tollman’s first days in the travel industry as a determined young hotelier: consistently delivering exceptional quality, unbeatable value, and unparalleled service excellence, always reaching out to every traveller and travel partner with a uniquely generous spirit and commitment.

Importantly, Tollman is a champion of responsible tourism, recognising the industry’s need to adopt environmental, cultural and economic protection of the people and places visited by travellers. Long before ‘sustainability’ became a global, industry-wide call to action, in 2008 Tollman established TTC’s not-for-profit foundation, today known as the TreadRight Foundation, for international project activation (as of 2021 donating over US$ 2.5 million to sustainable tourism projects worldwide), and traveller inspiration to ‘make travel matter’.

A man from very humble origins, Tollman was born in the small fishing village of Paternoster in the Western Cape of South Africa in 1930. As a young man, he was driven by his hunger to succeed and have an impact in South Africa and, if possible, the world. His pioneering spirit and love for hospitality were rooted in his first home – the family’s modest hotel in Paternoster.

Internationally, TTC has become one of the largest, family owned and run business in the world. Married to his wife Beatrice, known universally as Bea, for almost 70 years, he is joined in the business by three of his four children – Toni, Brett, and Vicki – who are all central to its operations, as are Gavin, the son of his late brother Arnold and Michael, a nephew. Grandchildren are now forming part of the fourth generation of Tollmans within the expanding operation.

Tollman continues to be a source of immense inspiration and example for all members of his family, along with the over 10,000 members of staff working globally across TTC.